Vacancies  Currently we have the following vacancies: - external funds aquisitor  - receptionist  - Zumba instructor  - GCSE and A-level teachers   We are always grateful for any help whatsoever from anyone.  If  you can spare a few hours each week or want to get involved in  whatever capacity then please ring the school number, send us an  e-mail or just turn up and we’ll find something for you to do.  General Requirements Our school prides itself on maintaining a good track record of:   - high pupil satisfaction  - responsible staff, all of whom are CRB-certified  - high quality of teaching  - a wide spectrum of activities  That is why we take great care in scrutinising our teachers and  volunteers to ensure we maintain our good reputation. Working with young children is a responsible undertaking, which  needs to be carefully managed to ensure the safety and proper  development of those in our care.  That is why all of our volunteers  must pass a recruitment interview, followed by a 3-month  probation period, while in parallel we run all the necessary legal  checks, including CRB and basic health status.  Our volunteers are  required to sign a contract binding in honour only, whose notice  period is set to one week for both sides. Teachers   Supply teachers are always  wanted.  Ring the school  admin number or send us  an e-mail.  Volunteers   Always needed! Ring up, send us an e-mail  or simply come and help.  Support Us Our school is mainly financed from fees paid by parents.  This is practically the only  significant source of income, which is not easily predictable from one year to the next.   This poses a major challenge and risk, which has to be dealt with in order to ensure  smooth running of the school, hire of suitable premises and fair repayment of  expenses to volunteers.  It is not a trivial task and hence the school encourages  charitable gifts to be donated, whether they be financial, spare time or just simple  sharing of own experiences. Every form of support is gratefully received.  If you have any spare time, financial  capability or relevant experience or connections, please consider supporting our  school.  Every penny raised, every bit of effort expended and every decision made are  channelled in one direction only, which is the education of our children.  All vacancies in our school are voluntary positions.  This  means that volunteers are not paid a wage but are  entitled to a reasonable level of expenses claim, which  is arrived at and set by the Tax Office.  Our school is an inclusive organisation where everyone  is treated with respect and dignity and where there is  equal opportunity for all volunteers to develop  themselves and make a lasting contribution to school  life.  Financial support for our school
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