Curricula Opening Hours Our school is a supplementary school, which runs on Saturdays for approximately 33 weeks in every  academic year.  Normal opening hours are from 9:15 until 12:30 with some after-school clubs running  until 13:15.  During the school year there are a number of school-free Saturdays, details of which are  posted on our ‘Timetable’ page. Our Philosophy   Values, on which we base our approach to teaching have a universal appeal and consist of: - teaching in a happy and joyful environment  - teaching for knowledge and understanding of the world around us - teaching that encourages respect for others - teaching that encourages discipline, excellence and faith  - teaching that recognises human diversity and individuality  - pragmatism, simplicity and humility  Every Child Matters Our school always puts children’s wefare and personal development first because they are our future  and we go out of our way to look after them while they are in our care.  Although our roots and  heritage are derived from Polish catholic tradition, we have a modern outlook and are pragmatically  oriented towards the realities of today’s world and pride ourselves on being open to all people  regardless of their origin and from all walks of life.  We are happy to have anyone’s child, so long as  they express their wish to come to our school to gain knowledge and learn. We emphasise that we accept all children unconditionally and without exception.  Our main aim is  always education for the good and benefit of our students and so that they may broaden their  horizons.  We do it with passion, inspiration, dedication and simply because to us every child matters.  What We Teach Our main teaching focus areas are Polish language, history and culture.  In a friendly and creative  atmosphere our students will discover why we are proud of Copernicus, Chopin, Lech Wałęsa and Pope John Paul II.  Our teachers will demonstrate how to write a letter to Grandma and Grandpa in Poland,  how to recite Tuwim’s famous ‘Lokomotywa’ parable, how to sing 'Stary niedźwiedź mocno śpi' and  where on the map you’d find the Vistula river.  Apart from learning the language, the children prepare  cards and paintings for Christmas, Easter and Mother’s day, which are then displayed at annual fairs  and written up in the school newsletter.  Our teenagers learn about the intricacies of Polish grammar  and discuss selected literary works, while at all times the school actively encourages everyone to read  Polish verse and prose, from Mickiewicz to Chmielewska.  But it is not all work and no play!  The last hour of the day is devoted to developing children’s various  talents and interests from singing and dancing to instrument playing and football.  There is also a social aspect to our school and children as well as parents are able to meet new friends and fellow countrymen who have settled in the North-West of England.  Every Spring we aim to  organise a social outing or a family picnic for all of our school members.  We also prepare children for their GCSE and A-level exams, which allows them to gain another subject  on their school certificates.  We only use textbooks that have been approved by the Polish Ministry of  Education.  Quality Our school prides itself on providing quality education, where children are encouraged to develop their  talents in a happy and joyful environment, without unnecessary pressure.  Our class sizes are small so  we are able to focus on individual issues and work to solve them together.  We are proud of the fact  that our teachers take their voluntary work seriously and care for their children as if they were their  own.  We also recognise the fact that some children are more able than others and we go out of our  way to tailor the level of teaching to individual needs.  Homework is a key element of strengthening and consolidating what children learn.  Most children can  expect to get about an hour’s-worth of homework each week.  Teachers also encourage children to  read books as well as watch films to keep their language skills up to date.  All lessons are given in  Polish by qualified and experienced teachers with above-average diction. Age Groups Our school is divided into the following age groups:  - nursery, ages 3 to 6 - primary school, ages 7 to 12  - secondary school, ages 13 to 16 - A-level classes, ages 17-18  Day Plan Lessons take place on Saturday mornings according to the following schedule: - 09:15 first lesson with a morning prayer, followed by a 5 min break and a second lesson  - 10:40 long break; nursery children begin their break at 10:30  - 11:00 lessons 3 and 4 with a 5 min break in between - 12:30 end of school lessons, voluntary after-school classes begin - 13:15 end of after-school activities  GCSE i A-level Examinations Throughout the school year, secondary-school children and A-level students work towards passing  their GCSE, AS and A-level examinations, which usually take place in May and June.  English for Adults  We also run English language classes for adults.  The style and level of teaching is pitched and  dynamically adjusted according to actual needs of the group to maximise the group’s learning  potential. We see English language classes as an essential element of integrating newly arrived migrants into  British society so that each person arriving here in UK can feel happy, be positive about working here,  fulfil their career ambitions and make a positive contribution to local economy and community.  Zadowolone dzieci to rzecz kluczowa POLSKI Contact Registration Timetable Curriculum Recruitment Gallery Registration form Code of practice Governing document Privacy policy Leaflet News  POLISH SCHOOL MANCHESTER         0743 416 1991 Polish School-Manchester is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales number 6498971.  Registered office at 1 Bloomfield Close, Cheadle Hulme SK8 6RR.